Hello, I’m Clive Elliott The Traffic Millionaire.

If that is what you aspire to, then read on.

How have I got to where I am and where did I start from.

Well, I had a white spot on my eye and the optician didn’t know what it was, long story to short, the specialist at the hospital told me it was an eye ulcer and called in all the students to have a look, they being rather rare.

These ulcers come and go and each time they leave a tiny scar on my eye and one of them left a scar in the centre of my eye which now permanently affects my vision.

Throw in heart trouble that after two attempts to rectify, I’m now going to have to live with and my sporting world was turned upside down.

I started writing a blog which grew quickly and saw me get over 5 million unique visitors in less than 3 years.

The stats, which can be independently checked thanks to some third party tracking code I had on the site, now top 23.6 million page views and over 6.1 million unique visitors.

All that was achieved without Ads or paid traffic, without keyword research or anything other than the basic SEO everyone does. The site simply relied on it’s content. 

Previously I have been a coach and managed learning centres in Kent for a church-based charity helping the less fortunate in society improve their lives.

Now I have progressed into the online world of teaching o help people like yourselves improve their lives.

If you want to take your business, online or offline, to the next level then I can help, but I will say, the majority of what you hear isn’t going to help you without a few key factors, which most don’t teach you.

My Passion

My passion from a youngster was sport. My will to win separated me from the pack. A winning mentality is far more than just wanting and trying to win, so much more. 

If you can find your burning desire, you will achieve your aims and aspirations.

Since childhood I have had a desire to help others, as a coach, college lecturer, friends, those less fortunate, it’s just my nature to help. Now I’m here to help you.

Success is close, let’s rephrase that, success can be close, if, you take various things on board and put in the mental effort it requires.

What do I mean by that?

I mean, you will be taught the things you need to know, but it is up to you to think how can I apply this to my business,always remembering that you need to stand out from the crowd?

Go ahead and join my mailing list and let’s begin your upward journey.

My Goals

This is a simple one to answer, to make you more successful than you are now and help you to improve your life through greater financial freedom.